Tajikistan is a landlocked country of 8.7 million with high levels of poverty. An estimated 360,000 Tajiks are visually impaired. 287,000 of these people can be helped to see better and avoid blindness. Please support this effort to provide treatment and preventative eye care to thousands of people in Tajikistan.

Partner with us to bring comprehensive primary eye care to Tajikistan.

Please help me deliver primary Eye Care to remote and under-served communities in Tajikistan

Your donations will facilitate:

‣ 5000+ eye exams
‣ Training of 20+ staff to provide eye care
‣ Set-up of 5 sustainable mobile eye care clinics

‣ Provision of reading and prescription glasses
‣ Provision of basic sunglasses for children and vulnerable populations to protect their eyes from UV light exposures in high mountain areas

Help us buy these high-tech portable instruments essential for each mobile clinic

Digital Slit Lamp


Eyenetra Mobile Clinic Kit


Retinoscope & Opthalmoscope


Icare Tonometer


Binocular Indirect Ophthalomoscope


D-Eye Portable Ophthalmoscope

We are grateful to D-Eye for our FIRST donation. This is a revolutionary eye-care device. THANK YOU D-Eye for your support!

Your donations will help hundreds of people see better and will change the lives and futures of thousands.

Support: 5000+ eye exams; training for 20+ staff; 5 sustainable mobile eye clinics; glasses and medications; and much more...


if you would like additional information or would like to make a large tax-deductable donation, please email us at: info @ icfow.org